Progress means growth, and in our Global Resources Inc. office, this means we are ready to add new members to our team. If you’re looking for a career in which you can grow personally and professionally, you will enjoy being part of our firm.

What sets Global Resources Inc. apart from other customer acquisitions agencies? It would have to be our approach to recruitment and training. First, we start by hiring people who are cultural fits. We seek individuals who have a track record of successfully collaborating with others, who are personable, and who have a strong desire to always learn and grow. Ambition, integrity, and a determination to succeed are among the traits we strive to identify through our interview process.

Once someone makes the cut and is invited to join our firm, the possibilities to grow and thrive with us are endless. From day one, we place our people on a career fast track by immersing them in our processes. With coaching from our esteemed leaders, everyone has an opportunity to capitalize on their own strengths while acquiring new skills that will serve them in any business environment.

We continue to bolster our brand advocates’ growth through constant learning, whether it’s an in-house training session on a certain topic or attending a networking conference. The most important thing is we continually gain new knowledge, which benefits our people, our team, and of course, the companies we represent.

Be informed on our recruitment process. Check out Global Resources Inc.’s Newswire for updates.