Within our Global Resources Inc. culture, we strongly emphasize collaboration. We believe that when we work well together, our morale is higher and our attitudes are positive. When we achieve this level of cohesiveness, it leads to more success for each other, for our firm, and for the companies we represent.

To ensure our Global Resources Inc. work environment supports our team-driven culture, we engage in a variety of team-building activities. These gatherings range from dinners together to retreats to even some in-office exercises and contests. These are some key elements that we consider when it comes to organizing events:

• Inclusive: The most effective activities are ones in which everyone feels comfortable participating. We strive to organize events that take into consideration our team members’ diverse interests and abilities. This way, each person is eager to openly engage in what we’re doing. When people feel relaxed around each other, it opens the door to form better connections.

• Tied to Objectives: Mission-driven functions are those in which we have a goal at the end. Mind you, some might be as simple as improving communication. However, we often have a specific purpose and metrics. Sometimes, we host contests to increase results or recruit new people.

• Fun: Laughter is key to a great workplace, so whatever we do, whether it’s a team challenge, a night out, or a lunchtime pot luck, we make sure to add a healthy dose of fun.

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