Traits Needed for a Successful Career

Lasting professional success means not only finding the right career path, but a company that’s willing to invest in your future. Global Resources is one such place; our brand experts embark on a journey that will lead to job satisfaction in the long haul. Our people are thriving because of the resources we have available for them to learn and grow with us. At the same time, it’s what they bring to the table that ultimately determines how well they succeed.

“We have all of the ingredients necessary for anyone to become an accomplished businessperson,” said Christopher R., Global Resources’ Director of Operations. “There are certain traits we look for when hiring that are necessary for individuals to thrive in our environment.” Here are three that Christopher actively seeks during the interview process:

• Motivation: “Drive is everything,” said Christopher. “Individuals who are self-motivated and can push themselves to complete their goals fare well in our office. I try to understand what motivates someone because that factor is often what inspires him or her to give a little extra and go a little further.”

• Tenacity: “Mastering new skills requires a certain determination, as it doesn’t happen overnight,” he noted. “To excel, someone has to be patient and keep trying.”

• Ambition: “It’s not enough to reach one goal,” Christopher explained. “We want people who surpass a challenge and ask what’s next.”

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